Welcome to Elevate Fitness Studio

Elevate Fitness Studio offers a variety of current group fitness classes. Our qualified fitness instructors are ready to motivate you to find that next level confidence on your fitness journey. Come and join our fitness community!

Meet Our Instructors

Jenny – Owner & Instructor

Jenny is the owner of Elevate Fitness Studio. She has been an avid fitness enthusiast for over eight years. Jenny earned a group fitness instructor certificate in 2018. She has instructed small group barre, HIIT and bodyweight strength classes. Jenny is thrilled to bring Elevate Fitness Studio to her community. She is excited to motivate and support others to lead a more active lifestyle.

Brooke – Instructor

Brooke began working in the fitness industry over 20 years ago. She started out working as a trainer in college. She has worked at the YMCA, Wilson’s and the Health Complex. She was also a kick boxer for two years and owned BPFit for eight years. Brooke has held many certifications, and she loves staying fit and helping others to feel good about themselves.

Glenda – Instructor

Glenda has over 16 years of experience in the fitness industry. She holds a third degree blackbelt in Taekwondo and has experience instructing Taekwondo, kickboxing and self defense classes. She also has Zumba certification. Glenda’s favorite part of being in the fitness industry is watching people’s progress as they follow their fitness path. She also enjoys being able to help them along the way. Glenda loves the energy, fun, support and sense of family that comes from group fitness classes.

Kimberly – Instructor

Kimberly began her path with yoga in 2010 and her love for the practice grows deeper each day. She’s a strong believer in the power of yoga and meditation because it has helped her on her own path of healing. Her love for teaching comes from her desire to share a practice that has changed her life. In line with the healing physical aspects of the practice, Kimberly’s other love for yoga comes in the way the practice on the mat shapes thinking, feeling and behaving in life off the mat. It serves as a modern model for creating healthy relationships with ourselves, loving ties to people we love and ways of facing challenges in everyday life. The lessons we learn on the mat carry us into a world with loving awareness. Breath, intentional movement, devotion and surrender of ego are the heart of Kimberly’s practice. Kimberly has a passion for beginners and enjoys creating a safe space for her students and making yoga accessible to individuals of all ages and abilities. With a sense of joyful playfulness and humor, she cultivates a space for each individual student to be seen, while also creating a strong sense of community to practice with.

Lana – Instructor

On top of being a classroom teacher for 44 years and an avid square and round dancer, Lana has been a fitness instructor for almost 40 years. She has taught jazzercise, step aerobics, high & low impact aerobics and currently teaches water aerobics. What she loves most about being a fitness instructor is interacting with so many different people. She enjoys how exercise makes you feel and appear younger by improving your mood, muscles, bones, energy level and brain health. She is excited to be teaching basic step aerobics at Elevate Fitness Studio.

Rylee – Receptionist

Rylee is a California native, graduating from CHS in 2015. She continued her education at Lincoln University and is majoring in Secondary Social Studies Education. Rylee plans to graduate in May 2019 and begin her career utilizing her degree in the fall. While at Lincoln University, Rylee played golf all four years for the LU Women’s Golf Program. 

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