Basic Barre

Suitable for all fitness levels. Barre class mixes elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training. In each energizing and targeted workout, you’ll use the barre and exercise equipment such as mini-balls and small hand weights to sculpt, slim, and stretch your entire body.


Bootcamp is a 30 min combination of weighted + body weight moves + hight intensity intervals. It can be done indoors or outdoors, with or without equipment. Its a short workout but highly effective in burning calories and setting you up with a good energy store for the day!

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a 30 min full body class set up to target strength building and muscular endurance. It combines 5-10 stations of weighted body moves, body weight moves, and bursts of high intensity aerobics being done for 30sec-1min each. This class is quick and effective!

Dance Fit

Suitable for all fitness levels. A dance fitness class with vibrant music that combines interval low impact training with exhilarating Latin rhythms. Learn the latest Latin steps creating an exciting and fun aerobic workout. Dance Fit burns away many calories and tones the entire body. Relax, lose your inhibitions, and dance like no one is watching!

Hi/Lo Cardio

A fun cardio workout with basic moves set to music and added bonuses of sculpting and core work for a total body workout.


This is a non-contact group fitness class that combines martial arts techniques with cardio. This workout challenges the beginner and elite athlete alike. Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories as you build lean muscle with this fun workout.

Restorative Yoga

Suitable for all fitness levels. Restorative yoga uses a series of easy, supported poses held for a long time under the right conditions (including the use of props) to tip the balance from “fight or flight” mode into maximum relaxation. Complete muscular relaxation and comfort are emphasized to achieve a quiet state of mind and body.

Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is an up-tempo way to get your heart pumping and it has all the benefits of a high intensity workout class while taking it easier on your joints.

Strength & Cardio

This class encompasses weighted and body weight exercises to gain muscle mass, while achieving cardiovascular endurance. This class targets all muscle groups by engaging in dynamic and isometric movements. The workouts will be done with high energy. It is designed to promote strength, cardiovascular endurance, lean muscle growth, and excess fat burning.

Stretch & Balance

This class focuses on lengthening your muscles and improving core stability through 20min of deep tissue stretching followed by 20min of balancing movements. The last few minutes will be foam rolling techniques. This class will be a great way to recover from the other classes you’ve taken throughout the week.

Vinyasa Yoga

Intermediate level. A dynamic flow yoga with an emphasis on breath/body movement. You will hold poses but the main focus is on the transition between poses and the body control developed. Come and get energized!

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